02 Japanese Culture

The Tomioka Silk Mill and the Silk Industrial Heritage Complex 富岡製糸場と絹産業遺産群

The Tomioka Silk Mill and the Silk Industrial Heritage Complex are a collection that shows the technological exchanges and innovations that contributed to the realization of mass production of high-quality raw silk from the late 19th to the 20th century, when the world economy was integrated through trade. The result was the development of the global silk industry, and the popularization of silk consumption. This technological innovation was achieved through a combination of innovations in silk manufacturing technology and innovations in sericultural technology that supported the increased production of high-quality cocoons, the raw material for silk. This property is a remarkable example of the entire process of raw silk production today, with components that show the process of technological innovation in silk production and sericulture that supported it. It was designated as a World Cultural Heritage site in 2014.


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