02 Japanese Culture

Rainy Season 梅雨

Except for Hokkaido, Japan has a rainy season called Tsuyu between spring and summer. Since Japan is long and narrow from north to south, there is a time difference of about one month between the rainy season in Okinawa and Tohoku. After the rainy season comes the middle of summer and the temperature rises. The rainy season is important for Japanese agriculture, especially rice cultivation.



  • この時期は梅の実が熟す時期であるからという説
  • この時期は湿度が高く、カビが生えやすいことから「黴雨(ばいう)」と呼ばれ、これが同じ音の「梅雨」に転じたという説
  • この時期は「毎」日のように雨が降るから「梅」という字が当てられたという説


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