02 Japanese Culture

Mt.Tarumae 樽前山

Mt.Tarumae is an active volcano at a height of 1,041m, which is situated in the south of Lake Shikotsu, in the northwest of Tomakomai City. At the summit of the mountain, there is a huge lava dome that was formed by the eruption in 1909. The dome is designated as a natural cultural asset in Hokkaido. Mt.Tarumae is one of the three Shikotsu mountains with Mt.Fuppushi and Mt.Eniwa. Its name originated from Taoromai of Ainu language meaning “high place at the bank of a river”. Since you can go to the 7th station by car, it’s easy even for children to access the top, it is a very popular excursion spot for local elementary schools.


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