02 Japanese Culture

The Declining Birthrate 少子化

In Japan, the declining birthrate is a serious problem. The declining birthrate refers to the decrease in the number of infants under 15. The number of child births in 2020 was just over 840 thousand, hitting the worst records 5 years in a row. Currently, the number of children a woman in Japan gives birth to in her lifetime is 1.34 and continues to decline. Possible causes of the declining birthrate include the decreasing number of women who are becoming mothers and the increasing tendency to marry later in life. As social unrest caused by the new coronavirus spreads, there is concern that the birthrate will continue to decline.



また、世界の人口動態 demographics を視覚的に調べるには、PopulationPyramid.net が便利です。人口予測はかなり正確らしいので、2023年には世界人口は80億人を超え、2027年には、インドが中国の人口を抜いて世界一の人口大国になることが分かります。アフリカ州ではナイジェリアの人口増加率が著しいですね。

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