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神保町とミロンガ Jimbocho and Milonga





Jimbocho was my school playground. The school I attended was in Ochanomizu, so I was looking forward to strolling around the old bookstores every day, buying a lot of used books I liked, and reading them at the coffee shop. I had several favorite coffee shops in Tokyo, but my most favorite was Milonga.

There were always tango in there. A good old lady came to pick up my order and I usually asked for coffee, and occasionally light meals. The shop was as crowded as usual, very cozy, and I usually spent a couple of hours reading the used books I bought. As I learned later, “milonga” seems to be a word that describes the dance style of tango. Occasionally, the lady invited me to come to a record concert.

The last time I visited Milonga was more than 10 years ago. I went to Jimbocho with my old friends at the occasion of my business trip to Tokyo. We drank a lot of beer from around the world there. It was a fun time.

Next month, I will go to Tokyo for the second oral examination of a national interpreter guide. I would like to go to Milonga again if I have time. I wonder if tango is still playing there?

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