02 Japanese Culture

Osechi-Ryori おせち料理

Osechi-Ryori is a traditional Japanese dish that is eaten during the New Year. It is packed in a lacquered Jubako, or square bento box. Each ingredient has a meaning, black beans represent health, kelp rolls represent happiness, and shrimp represent longevity. In the past, Osechi-Ryori was made at home on New Year’s Eve but nowadays many people buy them at department stores or mail order stores.


教わったネイティブの先生は bento (弁当)はそのまま通じると言っていました。そういえば最近は我が家もおせちは作らずにオーダーするようになってきました。正月に集まる人数も徐々に減ってきてしまって寂しい限りです。


昆布巻き kelp rolls

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