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ワクチン Vaccine

Merriam-Websterによるword of the year 2021は「Vaccine」でした。

Merriam-Websterによると「vaccine」の語源は、ラテン語で cow(牛)を表す「vacca」。これは small pox(天然痘)に対する予防接種としてcow pox(牛痘)が使用されたことに由来します。



しかし、このワクチンはメッセンジャーRNA(mRNA)というgenetic material(遺伝物質)を人体に投与するワクチンであるということで、ワクチン投与に不安を感じている人も多いです。厚生労働省では新型コロナワクチンに対する不安を解消するためのPRを行っています。

World Health Organization(世界保健機関)のサイトを見ると、12月29日時点で44億6千200万人以上の人が「少なくとも1回以上接種を行った」とされています。


The word of the year 2021 by Merriam-Webster was “Vaccine”.

According to Merriam-Webster, the word “vaccine” comes from the Latin word “vacca,” which means cow because cow pox was used as an inoculation against small pox.

This method of cowpox inoculation was developed by Edward Jenner in England at the end of the 18th century, imported to Japan in the mid-19th century, and spread nationwide by Ogata Koan and his students at Osaka Tekijuku.

The development of vaccines against new coronavirus infections has been proceeding at a rapid pace.

However, many people feel uneasy about the administration of this vaccine because it is a vaccine in which genetic material called messenger RNA (mRNA) is administered to the human body. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) is conducting a PR campaign to alleviate concerns about the new coronary vaccine.

According to the World Health Organization website, as of December 29th, 4.42 billion people had been “vaccinated at least once.”

The cumulative number of infected people is about 282 million, and the number of deaths is over 5.4 million. Almost all of the African continent and parts of West Asia are not well vaccinated. Only (?) North Korea has no data. ^^;

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