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Remembering Mr. The Destroyer ザ・デストロイヤーさんの思い出

His real name is Richard Beyer, and his official ring name was The Intelligent Sensational Destroyer.

Even if you are not a professional wrestling fan, you may have heard of his name The Destroyer if you are in my generation or have at least seen him with the mask on TV shows, and you may also know his Figure-Four Leglock. He was one of the most popular professional wrestlers from overseas.

I don’t remember the exact date, but it was some 45 years ago, he suddenly appeared at the elementary school where I studied.

It was all too sudden.

It was after school, no different from any other day.

I was playing baseball on the field with my friends as usual. (At that time, playing baseball was the only pastime for us boys.)

Then a masked man suddenly came out of the exit on the field side of the building.

Everyone froze at the moment.

Why is the Destroyer here?

But he came to us saying something that we could not understand while smiling. He let us hold onto his arms, and then he played catch with us.

In no time, he became popular among us and then abruptly left.

Reflecting on what happened that day, it was my first experience hearing the voice of a native English speaker.

The only things I remember are his thick and strong arms and his gentle blue eyes. He was the first American I had ever met.

It is just my imagination, but he probably came to our town on a wrestling tour, and during his free time to practice or move around, he came to see our elementary school.

He has made remarkable contributions to the Japan-U.S. friendship as a professional wrestler and was awarded The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays by the Japanese government in 2018.

Mr. The Destroyer, I have never seen your live performances, but I have been a big fan of yours since that evening.

Born July 11, 1931; Died on March 7, 2019. Age 88.

May he rest in peace.

A video message of support to the people of Japan after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami from The Destroyer.

本名は Richard Beyer、正式なリングネームは The Intelligent Sensational Destroyer 。

私の年代なら、「ザ・デストロイヤー」のという呼称はプロレスファンじゃなくても聞いたことがあるだろうし、マスクの姿を見かけたことがあるだろうし(むかーし「うわさのチャンネル」でしたっけ?というバラエティにも出ていた)、「足4の字固め」(Figure four leg-lock)も知っているだろう。ブッチャーやタイガージェットシンとともに人気外人レスラーの一人だった。


















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